Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Add An IP Address from SSH

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

In this directory, you will find some files that begin with “ifcfg-”. There will be one file for each of your physical network adapters and one file for each of your virtual adapters. In my case, the existing script files are:

  • ifcfg-lo => this is the loopback interface
  • ifcfg-venet0 => this is my one and only physical adapter
  • ifcfg-venet0:0 => virtual adapter #1
  • ifcfg-venet0:1 => virtual adapter #2
  • ifcfg-venet0:2 => virtual adapter #3
  • ifcfg-venet0:3 => virtual adapter #4

So now what you need to do is to either copy an existing configuration file (if you have one of course) or create a new one. The new configuration file name must include the number of the virtual adapter. So supposing you want to add a fifth IP address from an existing script, you would issue:

# cp ifcfg-venet0:3 ifcfg-venet0:4

Next you will need to edit this file so that it contains your new IP address. You can use “vi” to do so.


Now you’ve got a new IP address and cPanel is running fine but there’s one more step to go.

Although you’ve added a new IP address at the operating system level, you now have to make it available for cPanel. Log in WHM as root ( and click on Add a new IP address from the IP Functions menu.

Now simply enter the new IP address with the subnet mask and hit the “Submit” button.

So that’s it! You’ve now got an additionnal IP address available for your web server.


Of course you’ll have to change for your new IP. Save the file when you’re done.

To activate the new virtual adapter, issue this command:

# /etc/init.d/network restart

To make sure your new virtual adapter has been activated, use the “ifconfig” command. You should see the new adapter configuration details at the end.

At this point, the new IP address should be working but now cPanel will be deactivated. To re-activate it, simply issue this command:


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