Sunday, May 6, 2007

How to Install RvSkin


Create a account from whm called

1. SSH as root to server that was registered while purchasing the license and run:

mkdir /root/rvadmin

cd /root/rvadmin

wget; bunzip2 -d rvauto.tar.bz2; tar -xvf rvauto.tar; perl /root/rvadmin/

Answer a couple of questions on your shell, and wait until it finishes. First installation will take 2- 5 minutes to install. Installer will create a new hosting account ‘rvadmin’. Don’t terminate it. It will be used for internal RVSkin configuration management.

2. Log in to RVSkin Manager. Both root and reseller are able to access RVSkin Manager in WHM / Add-ons (at the bottom left menu). If you cannot find the RVSkin Manager menu, please close WHM and open it again.

If there is no messages display on the skin, please run this command on your SSH.

rm -f /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/rvversion
perl /root/rvadmin/

3. In RVSkin Manager:

* Set global configuration
* Set default language
* Create defaul feature list for user and for reseller
* Set tweak setting, reseller feature control, body links, top links, help, tutorial links, and etc.
* Test configuration setting in 2 hosting accounts.
* rvadmin: this account can consider to be account belong to root
*reseller’s client: this account will reflect setting from reseller skin manager. If it is not configued, it will remain anonymous.

4. Change user cPanel to RVSkin themes
5. Change cPanel language to the new language


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