Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to Disable DrWeb notification e-mails on Plesk

To Disable DrWeb notification e-mails

“%plesk_dir%\mysql\bin\mysql” -uadmin -padmin_password -P8306 psa

First, make sure that record responsible for antivirus notification exists in table psa.misc. You can check it using this query:

select val from misc where param = ‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’;

This query should return a value: 0 or 1.

0 - notifications are disabled; 1 - notifications are enabled;

To switch this value you can use these queries:

update misc set val=’0’ where param = ‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’; - to disable notifications update misc set val=’1’ where param = ‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’; - to enable notifications

If there was no result returned you need to insert this record into table misc using this query:

insert into misc values (’AntivirusNotifyAdmin’,’0’);

Then you will be able to control notifications sending.

Notice: ‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’ parameter that controls notifications for Plesk administrator. If it’s necessary to disable/enable notifications for clients you can use the following parameters instead of ‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’:

‘AntivirusNotifySender’ - for e-mail sender ‘AntivirusNotifyRecipients’ - for e-mail recipient

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