Thursday, June 14, 2007

WHM not working after upgrading to cpanel 11

We all know that lot of the things dont work in cpanel 11

Recently I upgraded cpanel to version11 and the problem started. I was not able to login to whm, all mails stop working etc.

I checked the server and found that perl version was 5.8.7

To upgrade cpanel 11 you need perl 5.8.8

1) Make sure you're running Perl 5.8.8:

a) check perl -v to make sure it says 5.8.8

b) if you see 5.8.7 or something else, follow these steps:

1) wget
2) tar xfvz perl588installer.tar.gz
3) cd perl588installer
4) ./install
5) /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkperlmodules

2) Upgrade YAML::Syck and File::Copy::Recurisve:
1) /scripts/realperlinstaller YAML::Syck
2) /scripts/realperlinstaller File::Copy::Recurisve

Issue was resolved :)

Ninad S

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